Interested in scheduling a 30-minute accessories appointment at our San Francisco bridal boutique?

Whether you've purchased your gown with us or elsewhere, this private styling appointment will give you the chance to try on a wide variety of unique headpieces, hair combs, sashes, veils and jewelry. Contact Us to schedule.  



Naturae Design

Handcrafted hairpieces and belts that are inspired by natural elements and precious materials. Every piece is soldered and wired by hand in small batches, with modern and antique craftsmanship. 

 Hairpieces and Belts from Naturae Design



Set apart by an art-nouveau aesthetic coupled with a vintage vibe, these statement-making belts, headpieces, veils, and jewelry are handmade using touches of gold, pearls, and sparkling crystal. Wearable works-of-art that transform a bridal look with just the right amount of unexpected edge.


 Headpieces, Veils, Belts, and Jewelry from Hushed Commotion


Mignonne Handmade

Unique, hand-crafted veils, headpieces, and more create an aura of mystery and an exotic flair. Each piece lovingly created using soldered and painted metals; beads, rhinestones and baubles; romantic silk flowers; or beautifully dyed mesh.


 Veils, Headpieces, and more from Mignonne Handmade



Known for pieces uncommon in make and material, Olivia The Wolf accessories include handmade wax stems, headpieces made with delicate pearls, crystals, and hand-painted brass flowers, and breathtaking veils with embroidered motifs.


 Headpieces and Veils from Olivia Headpieces


Anne Conway

Custom-made jewelry and adornment that's hand-sourced from vintage, salvaged and natural materials, including brass, bones, coins and found objects. Eclectic and versatile pieces with a raw, intimate feel.

 Jewelry and Adornments from Anne Conway