DIY Bridesmaids Asking Party

Our guest blogger, the lovely Kira Shaw, is back with this creative DIY tutorial on how to ask your besties to be part of your Big Day. Be sure to check out her captivating blog for even more crafty wedding ideas. 


After getting engaged I was thrilled to start my wedding planning process. Of course when I say "after" I mean about 6 months after the actual question was asked of me. Life tends to get busy after this intense-life-altering-weird-adult-transformative period, and hence, slows things down in the process. With graduate school and work, it took a while to get organized and spend some thoughtful time on the next steps. I was excited to share this joyous and momentous occasion with the people I love—beginning with asking my bridal party to be a part of this exciting nuptial journey. My urge to celebrate and honor these women as special people in my life was abound with ideas on how to pull it all off. As an uber-planner I knew I couldn't control myself for very long, so I set out to plan an "asking party" and invite my lovely ladies to be a part of the big day. After overdosing and falling down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest, I came up with a few ideas. Some of which are borrowed, some are blue, some are old, and some are new. 

First, I figured out how I wanted to ask the question, "Will you be my bridesmaid?” I searched for some simple ideas via (the ever-trustworthy) Pinterest and Etsy and came across a few great ones! Seen here on Etsy, this person made these incredibly cute boxes (that I was tempted just to buy and save myself the time) although the crafty voice inside my head said "Hey! You can make that yourself—so do it!" So I sourced all the materials needed, and waited upon their arrival.


The small asking boxes (shown above) were my favorite thing to make. My lovely and extremely talented mother was such a big help in their construction. The craft boxes were easy to source online, and my sister found some vintage sheet music that I used for the circle cut out on top. Tip: Make sure your hang tag discs are in the right order and hang to your liking. It may take a few attempts to get it just right, and they may not stay straight—but that's OK. I happened to like the more "wind chime" way in which the discs fell on the ones we crafted.



Craft boxes

Vintage sheet music (search for something that speaks to you, lyrics with love, etc.)

Hang tags with holes

Bakers twine

Cigar boxes

Kraft paper shred

The craft boxes were placed on top of cigar boxes, which I sourced from, where else? Amazon. Prime, baby. It's all about Prime. The boxes came as an assortment of different kinds, shapes and colors. I liked that they were all different—this way I could customize what was inside of them as well. The cigar boxes were filled with items from my favorite local shop, Foggy Notion. The shop holds local artisanal goods for face, body, home and life. It is definitely worth a visit if you are ever in the Richmond neighborhood in San Francisco. To cushion the items placed inside the box, I used some kraft paper shred.


Cards (I used one of my favorite artists and authors as a child, Cicely Mary Barker)

Vintage tags


 Me (left) and my girl crew - before the ask

Me (left) and my girl crew - before the ask

 After the ask - all smiles

After the ask - all smiles

It was an amazing day. Look at those lovely girls! Not pictured (to much regret) are my lovely sister, my maid of honor and my beautiful mother. 

We also added this fun hand henna dyed tambourine to the mix…check out that tutorial here!


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