Our Story

Alt. Brides initially launched in January 2016 as the very first mobile bridal boutique. We were tired of wedding boutiques offering the same stale, traditional wedding shopping experience so we sought a way to offer brides an alternative. Fast forward one year later, and we expanded by opening up a laid-back and intimate brick-and-mortar store in the Lower Nob Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. We remain committed to offering brides the same unique and highly personalized experience as we did before -- only now in a more spacious, light-filled oasis, with an even larger selection of unique gowns lovingly made by independent designers. We want your dress shopping experience to be fun, enjoyable, and comfortable, which is why we book only one appointment at a time in order to give you our full attention as we find your perfect dress together.



Kristin & Marisa

 Kristin & Marisa

Marisa Montalvo and Kristin Whitlock are the sister and best friend duo behind Alt. Brides. They've followed each other to live in some of the world's most vibrant, eclectic, and stylish cities, including Paris, Miami, and New Orleans. Their experiences shaped their aesthetic and imparted a love for innovative style, intriguing trends, and self-expression through fashion and design.

Alt. Brides extends from Kristin and Marisa’s desire to run a small family business. The two embrace beauty, love, personal self-expression, and style-realness. These values, and their vision to provide brides the joy of bridal shopping without any pretentiousness, comes together in Alt. Brides.

Photo of Marisa & Kristin by their brother, Alex Montalvo